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The Terror Within… (2005) Full Movie

Released: 30 sep 2005

IMDb Rating: 3.2/10 (29 Votes)

Genre: Drama, Hindi Movies, Romance, Thriller

Stars: Himanshu Malik, Rajdev Jamdade, Meghna Naidu, Panne Chatterjee

Directors: Amol Shetge

Writers: Amol Shetge

Year: 2005




Watch Rain – The Terror Within… (2005) Full Movie Watch Free Online


Born blind, Sandhya Bhatnagar lives a middle-class lifestyle in India along with her father and mother. Her father passes away, and her mother re-marries a cruel alcoholic man who abuses her so much so that she kills herself. Sandhya grows up and after she matures she is raped by a friend of her step-father’s. Pregnant, she then ends up in a home for the blind where she is approached by a man named Avinash who wants to marry and adopt her child. She moves in with him and is looked after by his maidservant. Sandhya delivers a still-born baby, and the maidservant, who turns out to be Avinash’s wife, who is unable to conceive, beats and throws her out. Sandhya returns to the home, starts writing short stories, publishes them, becomes wealthy, and moves into a spacious bungalow. One day she is approached by a male reporter who asks her many personal questions, and she kills him. Thereafter another reporter, Prakash, approaches her, she lets him in, both start talking, and soon both fall in love with each other. Little does Sandhya know that Prakash is none other than Avinash, as well as the very man who initially raped her, who has now re-entered her life to prove his virility to his wife, and is determined to get Sandhya pregnant at any and all costs