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Zameer (2005) Full Movie

Released: 04 Mar 2005

IMDb Rating: 3.1/10 (212 Votes)

Genre: Hindi Movies, Romance, Thriller

Stars: Ameesha Patel, Baby Bhavika, Mahima Chaudhry, Ajay Devgn

Directors: Kamal

Year: 2005


Watch Zameer (2005) Full Movie Watch Free Online


Wealthy widower Deepraj Khanna lives a comfortable lifestyle in India with his only child, a daughter by the name of Pooja, who always gets what she wants. When she enrolls in an all-girls college, she feasts her eyes on a young Lecturer by the name of Suraj Chauhan, and wants him all for herself. She gets all the more determined when he outrightly rejects, and even humiliates her publicly. She is devastated when she finds out that he has given his heart to an invalid former dancer, Supriya Maheshwari, who is convalescing after recovering from a paralytic stroke. Pooja thinks of the unfairness of life and confronts Supriya, who has a relapse, is again hospitalized and refuses to respond to any treatment, insisting that Suraj walk out of her life and marry Pooja. When Suraj finds that it is Supriya’s last wish, he does marry Pooja, only to find out a few months later that it was Pooja who had caused Supriya’s stroke. Suraj walks away from everyones lives, but he will return again five years later to find that nothing is the same anymore and that the lives of all the people he had known earlier have changed dramatically.